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oh God!mimpi apa semalem, tiba tiba my lovely sister telpon dan mengatakan kalo bsb bakal manggung di jakarta. I’m so SPEECHLESS ‘o’

tapi pas aku cek di official website mereka, kenapa gak ada ya tgl 21 september jadwal mereka manggung di jakarta #aneh. Yah semoga aja kejadian beneran. HARUS NABUNG DARI SEKARANG ;D

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heiii..aku posting ini cuma copas dari blog lain yang aku temuin. DON’T READ IT if you wont to know about the story, terutama yang spoiler part 3, coz yg part 1 and 2 udah ada di film, and sorry banget kalo yg 1 dan 2 b.inggris. Enjoy it ;D
Part 1
The story so far, Dursley family get  into protection by the Order, Hestia and Dedalus, while Harry, 4 days before his 17th birthday, is gonna move to some protection house, since the protection charm from his mother gonna last only until he turn 17th. They trick Voldemort through Ministry into think that Harry will be moved only one day before his birthday. So, the Order plan to use 7 Harry Potters using Polyjuice Potion as a decoy for Death Eater. 14 of them going on 7 direction with 7 Harry. The Real Harry and Ron, Hermione, Fleur, Fred, George and Mundungus Fletcher as fake Harry. The real Harry going with Hagrid, since the Order think that Voldemort will not guess that the real Harry going with the weakest one. So, Ron with Tonks, Hermione with Kingsley, Fleur with bill, Fred with Arthur Weasley, George with Lupin, and Mad eye Moody with Mundungus. They will going into 7 different house with protection charm, and then use Portkey to go to the Burrow as Headquarter of the Order.
The trick to Voldemort turns out failed. Around 30 Death Eaters already awaited them outside Privet Drive protection. They all fighting for their life. Harry lose Hedwig and almost killed by Voldemort. He saved  because his wand moved on its own and attack Voldemort and  made Voldemorts wand breaks. Harry and Hagrid bikes with Hagrid fall down to earth. In the falling, Voldemort disappeared and Harry didn’t understand why. They fall into the pond, on someone backyard. Turn out the place is their destination, Tonks house (The parents of Nymphadora Tonks, and the sister or Narcissa and Bellatrix). Then Harry and Hagrid getting medical treatment and use Portkey to the Burrow. Mrs Weasley and Ginny already awaited them. They look terrified. That’s because Mr Weasley and Tonks portkey already arrived without them. That means they missed the portkey because of something. A minute later, Lupin arrived with George. George bleeding badly. One of George ears missing by Dark Magic, that’s done by Snape. Finally everyone come back. There’s only one who didn’t back, that’s Mad Eye Moody. He’s dead. Voldemort chase after Moody since Moody is the strongest of all, think the real Harry will go with Moody. Mundungus got very scared of Voldemort and he run away by Disapparated and Moody get attack in his head and fall from the broomstick.

After that, 4 days until Harry’s birthday. The day after Harry’s birthday will be the wedding day of Fleur and Bill. Oh, one thing. Lupin and Tonks already married and this thing made Voldemort get really mad at Bellatrix and Malfoy family, since Tonks is their relative and she get married to a werewolf. Tonks mother is the sister of Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.

Harry, Ron and Hermione prepare for their journey looking after Horcruxes. They planning to go after Harry’s birthday and Bill’s wedding. Mrs Weasley didn’t approve of their plan and trying to make them busy so the didn’t have to plan something.
Hermione already made up her mind to go with Harry. She use charm on both her parents, made they believed that they are Wilkins family without kids who are in a trip abroad. So, it means, they didn’t know about Hermione exixstence now. And Ron prepare a ghoul with Ron’s appereances to prevent Voldemort into think that Ron is going with Harry when the three of them not come to Hogwarts.

Harry’s birthday, Ginny give Harry a deep long goodbye kiss but got cut by Ron’s interruption. Seems like Ron is mad at Harry.