manuscript inspired by linkin park

I woke in a dream today, open my eyes and awaked
saw the wide field in front of me
with green grass and give sky that sing together for me
the flowers danced beautifully and received me into
their world, their big world

I walk along and felt the dew, it damped all over my feet
I didn’t know, but…EMPTY, that was what I felt
I didn’t know where to go
so I stoped…
and screamed as loud as I could “where am I?”
ran and ran as fast as I could
tried to find something real, whatever…

I even didn’t know where I have to find that things
I lost my soul, my hope, and my life
“what should I do?? Tell me…!

I whised someone or something bringing back my soul,
hope, and of course my life that I ever had…
’cause I wanted to be ALIVE and wake to the real world!!!

If you need a friend, just come
I’m here…
If you need someone to cure your pain, remember
I’m here…
If you need to go for a while from me, don’t worry
I’ll wait…
If you need to be alone and move far from me, well
I’ll wait…
If you want me back to you, you know
I’m still here…
If you want to open a brand new life, just count on me
I’m still here…
But, if I knew from the start, you just used me, shit

I’ve caried this weight for too long. Disassociated, Unarreciated. And everything I’ve hated, keeping me so jaded. I look into the mirror,
and I hate what I see, all my lifes disfunction
“‘Alive in front of me,,,

the original manuscript in paper


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