On Harry’s birthday, Ginny kiss harry and got interrupted by Ron. Ron mad at Harry since according to Ron, what Harry done in Hogwarts to Ginny, the break up think, make Ginny break. So, Harry is not supposed to grow their feeling again towards each other. Harry said okay and promised to Ron.
The party is held at the yard. Many frineds come, Lupin, Tonks, Hagrid. And when the ready to begin, some message from Mr Weasley coming which said the Minister of Magic will come. Lupin and Tonks stand up fron their chair and decided to go from the Burrow since Lupin relationship with Ministry is not good. Not long after that, Mr Weasley and Rufus Scrimgeour come. Scrimgeour said he need to talk withy only Harry, Hermione, and Ron. So, they 4 go the the Burrow’s sitting room and Scrimgeour explained his purpose. Scrimgeour said that he came to giving away Albus Dumbledore’s will to the three of them. Why the Dumbledore’s will only given to them now, its because the Ministry want to examine the will first, which is actually breaking the law since Dumbledore is not criminal. So, the will is: Deluminator for Ron (thing which can make the light disappear and come back only with one click, Dumbledore use it in book one when put Harry in Dursley’s home), The Book The Tale of Beedle for Hermione, and a Snitch for Harry. A Snitch that Harry catch on his 1st Quidditch playing. The Snitch have ability to remember the one who touch it (nobody touch it with barehands except the Seeker), so they think maybe Dumbledore put some charm so the message will only reveal to Harry as the one who ever catch it. Harry receive the Snitch from the Scrimgeour with his bare hands and nothing happened. Scrimgeour looks disappointed. Then he go and tha party continue. Everybody take a look at Dumbledore’s will.
At night, Harry put out the Snicth. He remind Ron and Hermione, that the 1st Snicth he catched was almost swallowed by him. So, he put the Snitch to his mouth and some writing appear. “I open at the close”.

The next day, Bill & Fleur wedding. Harry drink Polyjuice potion and every guest know him as one of the Weasley cousin. He used red hair from some boy out there for the disguise. Auntie Muriel, Ron’s relative and Doge Phigelus come too. Doge was Dumbledore’s close friend at Hogwarts during school days. Doge and Muriel talked about Dumbledore. Muriel said Dumbledore is not as pure and kind as it seem, Rita Skeeter talked about it in the book that she wrote. Rita write a book with title Albus Dumbledore Truth and Lie or such. In that book, Rita talk many bad thing about Dumbledore, including that Dumbledore learning Dark Arts. Muriel talks about Dumbledore’s family. Dumbledore has one brother, Aberforth and sister, Ariana. Ariana never goes to magic school, she died in young age after her mother died. Muriel said that Ariana is a squib, that’s why they never send her to school. Doge said Ariana was not a Squib. Harry wondering that there are so many things about Dumbledore he never know and it makes him more curious when he knew Dumbledore used to live in Godric Hollow since his parents used to live there and died there too.

One detail, Victor Krum also coming to this wedding. Fleur invites her. Ron seems jealous and ask Hermione to dance in front of Krum. Krum ask Harry (in his disguised) whether those two going out. Harry said yes. Then, Krum had his eye lay upon Ginny who dance with Luna. He seems interested in Ginny. Harry, who feels jealous, said that Ginny is seeing someone whose very jealousy. Krum saw Luna’s father and said that Luna’s father wear clothes with Grindelwald symbol. Grindelwald was the Dark Wizard who ever fight with Dumbledore and lose. Those fight is a big fight and everyone in Wizard world know it. Grindelwald has killed Krum’s ancestor so he hate it very much. Krum is mad with Luna’s father who wears that symbol. Harry said that probably Luna’s father didn’t know what symbol is that.

One more detailed, before the wedding, Harry got a connection with Voldemort. Voldemort with Ollivander, the wand maker. Voldemort then kill Ollivander since Ollivander can do what he wants. Voldemort then go abroad and looking for someone named Gregorovitch. Gregorovitch is a wand maker too. He makes Krum’s wand.

The wedding almost finished when a patronus came. Kingley patronus. It said that Scrimgeour is dead and Ministry will falling and the Death eater will came. The guest became panicked. Many guest start to Disapparated. Harry took Hermione hands and looking for Ron. After found Ron, Hermione made them Disapparated. They apparated in Tottenham Road in Muggle world. Hermione suggest that they find a place to change since they’re still wearing the dress robe. Harry and Ron said that they don’t bring anything. how can they changed. And Hermione only brings one small bag. Hermione said she has bring all of their stuff. She already packed her stuff with magic in that small bag, and he put harry and Ron stuff into that bag too this morning, before the wedding. Wow… Hermione is so ready for everything. After changed clothes, they go into some bar to sit and drink and think about what to do. At that bar, two Death Eater already there. They attack Ron but harry, who wears Invisibility Cloak saw it and attack the attacker. They succed paralysed the two Death Eater and wipe their memories so they wouldn’t remember meeting the three of them.

They decide to come to Grimauld Place no Twelve, Sirius house. Moddy already place a jinx on Snape so he can’t say anything about the house to the others Death eater. They came into that house, met some of Moody jinx and come into that house. They sleep there that night.
In the morning, Harry go upstairs and find Sirius’s Room. He came inside and found that the room in mess. Seems like somebody tried to find something there and search everywhere. Harry found some crumpled paper on the floor. Turns out that was the letter his mother wrote to Siriuss in Harry’s 1st birthday. The letters talked about Harry, Sirius gift to Harry, Worm look down, and said something about Dumbledore in the end. The letter only one page. Harry can’t find the other page which tell about Dumbledore. While he searched, he heard Hermione call looking for him. Harry told Hermione about the letter and suggest them to go to Godric Hollow to find out more truth about Dumbledore. Hermione understand Harry’s feeling but that thing too dangerous so they can’t do that. When they go out of Sirius’s room, Harry saw the room beside Sirius room. Sirius’s brother room. Regulus Arthur Black. Those name remind Harry with R.A.B. initial in the locket that he found on the cave. Ron is coming from downstairs and Harry told him about that. Hermione remember that there used to be a locket in the cabinet which can’t open. They looking for the locket in that place. It has gone. Harry called Kreacher.

Sorry… kayaknya kepanjangan nih.. bosen yah bacanya? terlalu detail yah ceritanya? dikurangin deh.

Harry called Kreacher and ask Kreacher about the locket. Kreacher tell the story about the locket. Many years ago, Regulus was Death Eater. Kreacher help Voldemort putting the locket in the basin with drinking the potion in the basin. Kreacher should have died but Regulus ask Kreacher to come back. House elves can apparated and disapparated in a place where human can’t do that, for examlle Hogwarts. Regulus then ask Kreacher to swap the locket and bring the real locket with him. Regulus died in the cave by drinking the potion in the basin. And now, the locket is gone. Kreacher said Mundungus stole it. Harry then asked Kreacher to find Mundungus and bring him kere. To make Kreacher happy, Harry give the fake locket with initial RAB to Kreacher and said that it used to be Master Regulus belonging and Kreacher should take care of it. Kreacher felt very happy. His rebellious behaviour toward Harry Ron and Hermione start to change. Then Kreacher is gone.

3 days later. Lupin came into Grimmauld Place No 12. He said he’s gonna help Harry in his mission. Harry didn’t agree with that and ask Sirius to come back to Tonks who is pregnant right now. They argue and finally Lupin go out in angry. Grimmauld Place always have Death Eater as onlooker outside. But they didn’t know how to come in so they just strolling outside. Not long after that, Kreacher came back with Mundungus. Turn out that the locket no longer with him. Some woman take it from Mundungus. Dolores Umbridge. Harry felt so mad hearing that name. Those white words in his white hands still appear.

30 days from that time, they stay in the house. Making plan to go into Ministry and stole the locket from Umbridge. Everyday one of them go out with Insivibility Cloak
Kreacher already became very loyal to harry since the locket thing. Kreacher cooked nice food everyday and doing the laundry for them. You can’t believe it… Kreacher gitu loh.. jadi manis bgt sekarang….

Harry decided that tomorrow they should do their plan, infiltrate the Ministry.
On that day, they waiting outside Ministry, catch 3 Ministry worker, took their hair and drink Polyjuice Potion. I’m not telling the detailed. Finally they succed getting the looker but Yaxley chase after them. When they Disapparated outside Minustry, yaxley grab Hermione hem and he Disapparated too. They Apparated in Grimmauld Place with yaxley. Hermione jinx Yaxley so he lose his grip on her, and Hermione Disapparated again into some forests. Now, they can’t come back into Grimmauld Place again. They apparated in the forests, near Quidditch world cup take place two years ago. Hermione put out protection charm around them and get the tent out of his bag. They sleep there for one night. Harry dream again that night and saw Voldemort find Gregorovitch. Voldemort want something from gregorovitch. Gregorovitch said someone stole it from him many years ago. Voldemort force into Gregorovitch mind and saw the thief face. A handsome young man. Harry though that he has seen that face somewhere but he couldn’t remember. Hermione mad again at Harry for not closing his mind from Voldemort like Dumbledore asked him two years ago.


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